How we got started

I first understood the power of regular scripture reading when I taught the United Methodist course Disciple I in 1997. Disciple is a thirty-three week course that requires daily Bible reading, and about a dozen members of Calvary United Methodist Church(in Latham, New York) participated with me in the course. They and I were alltransformed into more devoted followers of Christ. They and I were so inspired that we also did Disciple II.

I discovered the Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings about five years ago, and have used them as a part of my devotions ever since. The daily readings are designed "for use by individuals for personal devotion and meditation" (introduction, Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings). The Sunday readings are from the Revised Common Lectionary (1992). The daily readings were "not designed to 'teach' the Bible, but rather to illuminate the significance of the Sunday readings, to encourage a well-rounded reading of scripture over the span of the church year, and to provide a foundation for prayer" (introduction).

The purpose of my work is to make the readings as accessible as possible. Folks can receive them by email (by subscribing at, through Facebook (by liking the Lectionary Readings page), or through Twitter (by following @lectionarydaily). Any of these methods put the text right in front of the reader, so he or she does not need to look up what readings apply to the day, or find them in the Bible. These might seem like small barriers, but my own experience is that it's important to make this all as easy as possible. You don't become a disciple by knowing where Isaiah is in the Bible, but by living the Word.

Mike Gilbertson
October, 2014