Our mission is to encourage people to live after the pattern of Jesus.

Accomplishing Our Mission

We believe that understanding leads to belief which leads to action. We believe that the Hebrew and Christian scriptures are the soil from which understanding can grow and belief can bloom. We want to begin at the beginning, by providing the soil in the form of daily Bible verses. Fortunately, the Consultation on Common Texts has already developed a program of daily Bible readings centered on the Revised Common Lectionary. We make the daily lectionary readings available by email, Facebook, and Twitter, in order to make them available to as many people as possible.

In order for plants to grow from the soil-for readers to get the full meaning of the text-there must be roots that allow readers to see a passage in the context of other biblical stories, to know the backgrounds of the significant characters in the text, and to recognize echoes of common biblical phrases. Sometimes the roots require fertilization in the form of commentaries, concordances, biblical dictionaries and other aids in discernment. Thus we will provide biblical literacy training.


  • We worship God, creator and redeemer, our all-in-all.
  • We consider everyone as our neighbor, regardless of religion, cultural, economic, racial, or ethnic background. We consider persons of both genders and all sexual orientations as true children of God, fully worthy of our respect.
  • We seek the commonwealth of God for all humankind.
  • We are progressive Christians. We respect other viewpoints, which we believe have insights to offer us.
  • Humility. We seek to be courteously respectful of others, seeing the dignity and worth of all God's people.
  • Honesty. We do not engage in any form of theft, cheating, deception, innuendo, slander or gossip.
  • Reliability and trustworthiness. We will do what we promise, when we promise it.